My silver lining story so far...

I'm Lisa, designer & creator of no Ditto Jewellery (and cards) from my home studio in Staffordshire, making one bracelet or pair of earrings at at time with no repeats ~ no Ditto.

I found a passion for jewellery at a young age and make it because I love it and I'd go nuts without being productive. Every bead, loop and knot has my hand in it, literally, and the care taken shows in the finished piece. I wear different jewellery every day, testing prototypes to ensure they are wearable and durable for you.

The pieces created for you, my lovely customers, are made by wire wrapping with pliers, knotting or stitching with needles and thread. Each piece is as unique as you are & what you see is what you get, as the item photographed is the one you'll actually be wearing. Just you - no one else!


Stylistically appealing to the boho chick or the modern minimalist. That's me - I'm all over the place style-wise but I am never more at home than in jeans, liking my jewllery to reflect different occasions and moods. I use carefully sourced materials; if I could go to a bead show, I'd be drowning instead of just swimming in them.

Why beads? You might expect my shop to be chock full of sterling silver and whilst a qualified silversmith (still making batches of earwires) I spent my childhood upside down doing gymnastics, so... aged 21 the mother of all spinal problems, still stops me dancing, unless sozzled, today. Silversmithing is physically hard - a bit like carpentry in terms of effort - and takes hours of constant practice (not to mention a workshop of tools) so I have sketchbooks full of ideas I'm hoping to bring to life soon. My workbench is Mocking me in its idleness! (Note the capital M.) But plans are afoot, so watch this space if you like sterling silver artisan jewellery. It's coming.

The silver lining (no pun intended)

of years of operations and physio is, without the enforced inactivity, my skill set and patience would not have progressed in the direction it has and now beaded jewellery brings me joy. I live to learn, constantly incorporating new techniques (go YouTube) and I'm a great believer in handmade ~ who needs mass produced crap in their lives?

Also, I'm a self-confessed "all round craft 'ho!" (I © that statement.)

When I'm upright I manage my shop; pack and ship orders; do research and development; photography sessions & make cards. When I'm not upright, daily, I'm lying surrounded by tons of beads and findings making the jewellery you'll find here in my shop, or working on a custom order. I have a 'make one a day' policy and rarely miss.

I love the design process, experimenting, playing with colour and texture to create unique pieces. The closest I get to mass production is various colours of the same style. (But I can make your bridesmaid's jewellery, then it's ditto as many times as you need ~ with discounts. )

I started out in retail aged 15, (NAG Diploma and FGA Gemmology) then it was back to college to retrain as a silversmith and designer aged 25 when I realised I needed a business I could conduct from home in my 'good time' which varies from day to day making holding down a 'real' job difficult. (BTEC Jewellery Design & Manufacture)

I live in a beautiful village with my soul mate, who unfailingly provides the support (and vacuuming) I need to run my business, and my furry friend Darcey, a dainty (but ferocious mouser) long haired moggy who is trained to sit on me while I work but not go after beads and cord. If you have cats, you know that was no mean feat. 


I love coffee (what did we do before we got our nespresso machine??) and sweets, especially chewy ones. Hate fakery and reality TV.  Wine o'clock is when my OH gets home from his long day. My New Years rez is to greet him with a smile no matter what condition I'm in, easier said than done, but he deserves it and so much more.

I'm no SM slave, but check in on Facebook in my coffee breaks. 
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Love and Zest!    Lisa     x ♥ x

Me taking a rare selfie, and no, I don't normally go in for the wing-ed eyeliner look.

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