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new card design - new blog!!!

I often have an idea for a new card when making one for a family member or friend. This one started with Ash, but sadly went astray in the post.....so, I made a few more....experimenting with styles of arrows and materials.

I love arrows, the very first one I drew the arrows with coloured pens and then I wrote 'live your dreams', except I didn't...see pic. Lucky it was just a quick idea. Ha!

Now I have a template in adobe with 'Happy Birthday' so I can add a personalised name and print before drawing and clipping and sticking appropriate gender colour schemes for the flights and heads - and yes, you need tweezers.

It survived my packing to Majorca, but not Richards packing home again! Still some little kinks to work out to get it perfect. Spacing etc. But a great way to use up all the little off-cuts of paper in my stash!

Lisa x x x

#handmadecards #crafts #newdesigns #personalisedcards

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