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Lovin' new findings!

It's always a risk buying jewellery findings online; is the quality good? have I got the size right? am I going to get hammered by customs duties? etc...etc...

But when you open up that long awaited parcel from a new supplier and go WOW! - there's nothing like it. It gets your creative juices flowing and motivates like nothing else - except for maybe a custom order :)

and leaves you wishing you'd ordered BIG and had more hours in the day to make products.

Sometimes you get a shock and see the little briolettes you thought you'd ordered are actually HUGE.

But even this is an opportunity, to think outside your original plan and go hard or go home!

Always fun, researching, sourcing, ordering, (paying - not so fun) waiting, opening and MAKING!

Craft away!

So, a few words of advice when buying supplies: read!! note measurements; research prices; ask questions if unsure; don't order from a country when you'll have to pay customs; watch out for shipping costs; check delivery times; read reviews, and keep an open mind.

Love and Zest, Lisa x

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