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eg. Bernadette said "These earrings are so beautiful. A perfect size with a subtle glint when the facets catch the light, so wearable and will compliment so many outfits. The packaging and the care and attention to detail are second to none. The shop owner, Lisa, is a wonderful, warm and very professional lady and I have to say that my shopping experience has been a delight with this store. There are so many pretty designs to choose from and I honestly think that once you have shopped here you will return often.......I already have!!!"

Useful Information.

All you need to know about buying jewellery, for yourself, for gifts, choosing the right size and more. See my blog for more

As you can see from the two charts, birthstones are subject to interpretation. We get to April and the classic one is 'Diamond', but 'Crystal' is a colour substitute, maybe it evolved (or devolved) as Diamonds are often too expensive for many pockets. In my jewellery line, I use mainly crystal colours to simulate the actual gemstones, but you can order the real thing from me.

June is an odd one too, a massive difference in 'Pearl', 'Moonstone' or 'Smokey Quartz' and I've seen 'Alexandrite' for June too; they are the ones that change colour depending on whether they are in daylight or artificial light. Choose 'Moonstone' if you're not sure for June; it's a beautiful stone and there are moonstone crystals too. For October, the more classic choice would be 'Opal' as 'Pink Tourmaline' is hard to instantly identify.




A brief guide to the materials used by no ditto.


Memory Wire.

A tensile steel cored wire - a bit like a slinky - that is pre-sprung in loops of various diameters and retains it's shape. I use predominantly 60mm diameter wire as this suits my designs and gives a bangle fitting for most women's wrist sizes. It needs no clasp, you just wrap and go and once you've done it, you wonder why fiddle with a clasp ever again. 3 coil bracelets give a slim bangle profile and these can be slipped over the hand. When you get to five and more coils, you just hold one end and wind the bangle around your wrist. On and off in a flash!

Extra care is taken to ensure there are no rough edges/snagging and all my bangles come with wire wrapped dangles on each end. If you see a design and want a wider profile bangle than shown, just ask I can usually accommodate but don't recommend going above 10 wraps especially not with beads bigger than seed beads. Let me know how wide you want it and I can calculate the exact number of wraps needed.


Beware of memory bangles over-loaded with all metal or all large glass beads, these don't behave themselves very well unless on super thick wire, you need the correct balance of weight and size for a memory bangle to be durable and wearable.


Myth - it's not entirely true that memory bangles retain their shape forever, they can get bent out of shape if stored haphazardly, but I've been wearing them for five years and have yet to catch one on anything.

memory wire bangle
Gold Fill v Gold Plate

The difference between gold plated and gold fill is huge! Plating is a very thin coating of gold, microns thick which is applied molecules at at time using electroplating techniques. It can wear off in time, although good quality gold plated findings should stay gold for as long as you would wear a new pair of costume jewellery earrings for example. Quality GP earwires stay shiny, but some gold plate may dull over time when not in use. You can buff it back to life with a soft cloth or even between your fingers.


'Gold Fill' or 'Gold filled' is a different animal all together. It's a bit of a misnomer as it's gold outside and filled with base metal. It is a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal core. (not to be confused with Gold Vermeil which is a form of gold plating often with 18K or 24K gold always over a sterling silver core and is hallmarked '925')


Gold Fill has to have at least 10% of the thickness of the finished metal as the hallmarked gold standard. It's often 10K gold but in the UK can only be hallmarked 9K or 375 as 10K is not a recognised standard.

Some items, over 7gms, may be hallmarked 10K GF or GF 14K for example but that's not a recognised British hallmark so only useful in identifying something as gold filled.


Many artisan jewellery makers use gold fill or silver fill metals as it obviously reduces the cost dramatically whist giving all the qualities of gold or silver itself. It's called 'heirloom quality' as it really can be passed down through the generations and has a much higher intrinsic value.


MYTH. Gold filled jewellery must be hallmarked. If it's under 7grams no. No hallmark needed. Many artisans do not hallmark any of their jewellery - it's expensive and takes time - but they can still market their items as 'Gold Fill' without any penalties as long as it is accurately described. Especially when the finished item weighs less than 7gms.

gold and pearl cluster earrings

These pearl earrings are on Gold Vermeil wires, that's 24K gold plating over sterling silver.

Bracelet and Necklace Sizes

The average size for a ladies bracelet is 7.5" or 19cms. The joy of buying direct from me: You can custom size any bracelet to suit you. From stretch bracelets to clasp and macrame bracelets, you can choose to have yours exactly the length you like. Especially useful if you find manufacturer sizes too large or too small for you.


TIP: You need to take account of the size of beads used. For delicate bracelets half an inch is usually enough but in most cases you will need an inch longer than your wrist measures.

bracelets lenghts in cms and inches

This chart shows the most commonly made necklace sizes.

Although I would say, a choker fits closest to the neck. 

names of necklace lengths

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